Swarovski Crystal Pendant Duck with Mulberry Paper Flowers

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Our ducks are handmade in Indonesia from sustainable bamboo Root which is harvested yearly and reclaimed hardwood usually teak leftovers from the furniture industry. They are then decorated and finished by us here in Norfolk UK.

These small varnished ducks each have a bunch of mulberry paper roses and silver satin ribbon with a Swarovski Crystal pendant tied in a lovely bow around they’re necks.

The Crystal heart can be removed from the duck if wished and worn on a chain.

There are 5 colours to choose from : red roses with a red crystal heart, yellow roses with a yellow crystal heart, purple roses with a purple crystal heart, blue roses with a blue crystal heart or pink roses with a clear crystal heart. 

They are roughly 22-23cms tall but as they are handmade they do vary slightly. They do have marks in the wood due to the natural properties of the wood.

Suitable for a gift for a loved one, Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthday gift Anniversary, Wedding Gift etc