Large Wooden Ducks with Laced boots, Duck in Boots

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Large Wooden Duck With Laced Boots

These large varnished ducks with their laced boots are roughly 45-46cms tall but as they are handmade they do vary in size and positions.  No two ducks are the same due to the colouring and the natural marks and properties of the wood.  

Their bodies are made from the root of the bamboo once harvested, and their heads legs and boots are hardwood usually teak which is reclaimed offcuts from the furniture industry.  Their boots are hand painted and then the ducks are then coated with yacht varnish. 

Available in gold, red, teal, baby blue, orange, green, yellow boots and black.

Perfect gift for a loved one, to say I miss you, Mother’s Day, Birthday Anniversary, Wedding Gift and many more occasions.

A quality product that we are very proud of.